We have worked exceedingly hard to build and maintain a much-valued reputation at Palm Bay School since we opened in September 1995 and as a result, demand for places is very high. in each year group.

Consistent with the school’s Equality of Opportunity Policy, the school will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexuality, class, race, colour, creed or religion.  If no vacancy exists, the name of the applicant can be placed on a waiting list in a position according to the following Local Authority (LA) prioritised criteria:

  • Children in care, or those with statements of special needs
  • Sibling status (when the child have a brother or sister already at the school, residing at the same address)
  • Geographical distance from the school, as the crow flies.

The waiting lists for each year group are maintained and held by us.  Please see further advice below and/or contact the School Office on 01843 290050.

If a place is available in any of the year groups it will be offered by us using our admission criteria to the first child on the waiting list.  If the space is not required, it will be offered to the next child, and so on.

Parents have the right of appeal to the Local Authority (LA) in the event that the Headteacher is unable to offer a place and will receive written advice from the school how to appeal as part of their acknowledgment letter from school when they make application for a school place..

Admissions for/during a school year

  • Reception infants: the school admits 60 children in the September of the academic year (1st September to 31st August) in which they reach the age of 5. Parents wishing to apply for a  reception place in September should do so via the KCC website link below.
  • In year admissions: Parents wishing to apply need to complete an IYCAF (In Year Casual Admissions Form) available via the link below. Please send the completed form to the school.  When places become available we will offer these to children on our waiting list in accordance with the above criteria.

Please ring the School Office for any advice.

Further information can be found on the KCC website click the following links:


In year admissions