Arts overview

Palm Bay have the unique opportunity of a full time artist in residence at the school, dedicated arts and music studio spaces, and we take part in large scale projects (that involve the majority of classes) in collaboration with the Turner Contemporary.

Exploring art in a different way at the Turner gallery!

This academic year, we have raised our own funds from an art auction (work donated by local artists) for a project that we designed entitled ‘My Classroom is a Gallery’, which will see every class teacher working directly with an artist to plan all lessons to take place at the gallery. Children benefit enormously from learning outside their classroom, and alongside our beach and forest school projects, this is another opportunity for our children to explore different spaces as well as art! We are now fundraising in collaboration with the Turner Contemporary and Canterbury Christ Church University to apply for funding to ensure that the project continues into the following year as well. We will also be sharing these experiences with other schools and Mrs Tong has begun consulting as ‘Teacher in Residence’ at the Turner Contemporary.

We have delivered family art workshops as part of ‘The Big Draw’, YALs led workshops for younger children at the Turner gallery as part of National Children’s Art Week, and we are planning an even bigger set of ‘STEAM’ (Science, technology, engineering, ART, maths) activities during a whole maths/art week in May 2018. The theme for 2018 is ‘plants, food and nature’.

We now have Annabelle Losa as our full time artist in residence, and this year already we have also worked with potter Keith Brymer-Jones and we are planning a project with Margo McDaid.

This year we have recruited 24 new Youngs Arts Leaders (YALs), building on our successful working model from last years ‘Art Inspiring change’ model with the Turner Contemporary. The YALs are working directly with Annabelle and to gain their arts award at Explore level. The YALs work across the school with other children to develop ideas for artwork across the school. Last year, 60 children gained the award!

During the academic year 2017-18, we have been focusing on making and using a greater variety of skills and processes across all year groups. The children have also been exploring how to creatively critique their work so that they can improve and re-work, thereby improving the quality of their work and enabling them to make decisions. Children have used printmaking, painting, drawing, animation and construction techniques to explore their year group topics.

Art/maths work by year 6 children, STEAM week 2017


Looking back, Palm Bay School worked in collaboration with the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury to produce an animation project and gain the Discover Arts Award, which can be viewed here

During the year 2016-17, we are looking forward to some arts weeks where we will focus on combining the visual arts with other subjects. The first of these will be during the final week before Christmas and will see art/maths projects across the whole school.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-6-10-37-pmPrintmaking in Year 2

For more information about the Arts at Palm Bay, please contact our Art and Creativity Leader, Mel Tong:

Art Inspiring Change Project.

The following PDF contains more information about this project and our weekly sessions: Art Inspiring Change