Arts overview

This academic year, we have begun to focus on making and using a greater variety of skills and processes across all year groups. Children have used printmaking, painting, drawing, animation and construction techniques to explore their year group topics.


The Young Arts Leaders who are taking part in the ‘Art Inspiring Change’ project with the Turner Contemporary have been busy visiting the opening of the new wing of the Tate Modern in London, the Houses of Parliament and Thanet District Council to tell them about the project. During 2017, we hope to design and create a semi-permanent artwork that will represent the project. All Young Arts Leaders have gained their ‘Discover’ Arts Award, and are working towards the ‘Explore’ level. You can keep up with our project on the Turner Contemporary’s website.

Children from Year 6 have begun their Arts Award as well, creating a collaborative installation for the reception area at school during the weekly ‘Brilliant Makers Club’. These children will also become Young Arts Leaders next year and will be asked to take a role in family arts events that are planned for next year. We look forward to inviting you to work with your children and let the Young Arts Leaders guide you!

Looking back, last year Palm Bay School worked in collaboration with the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury to produce an animation project and gain the Discover Arts Award, which can be viewed here

During the year 2016-17, we are looking forward to some arts weeks where we will focus on combining the visual arts with other subjects. The first of these will be during the final week before Christmas and will see art/maths projects across the whole school.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-6-10-37-pmPrintmaking in Year 2

For more information about the Arts at Palm Bay, please contact our Art and Creativity Leader, Mel Tong:

Art Inspiring Change Project.

The following PDF contains more information about this project and our weekly sessions: Art Inspiring Change