Community Support from Palm Bay Families

We have created this area on the website to share some of the wonderful things families are doing during this time to support the community.

Palm Bay Children and Teachers

Last week the children at school spent some time creating a pebble gallery. Mr Hadlow worked hard building a display shelf at the front gates and Miss Williams designed the signage. All the children then designed and painted their pebble and placed it in the gallery. We would love for the gallery to grow with pebbles from the community. Please add one if you are passing by. Look how much it has grown in just a few days.

Sonny and his family

Sonny, Martin and Mason took part in the 2.6 challenge on Sunday and so far they have raised an amazing £470 for Children in Need. Well done to all of them!


Riley came home from school and asked his dad to do a rainbow for him and asked his mum, who works for the NHS, to send it to her colleagues.



Rafferty took the opportunity to help his dad complete three paper rounds per day while his step brother was unable to. Rafferty has cycled between 4 and 8 miles each day and has made a friend or two along the way. Some of the elderly people have loved nothing more than to wave as he passes by and he gets left the odd note too. He wrote a note in return.

Holly and Sophia
Holly and her sister Sophia have been litter picking near where they live, using protective gloves, to help keep the community clean.