Distance Learning at Palm Bay



When will my child need to learn from home? 

  • If your child has to self-isolate because of they or a member of the household have suspected Coronavirus symptoms or have to quarantine due to a holiday abroad.
  • If a school bubble has to close due to a member of the bubble testing positive for Coronavirus.
  • If there’s a local lockdown and the school is advised to partially close or your child has to shield.

What is my child expected to do? 

We are determined to keep all of our children on-track this year and make sure no one falls behind if they need to learn from home due to Coronavirus. So, we want to make sure your child can learn as much as possible while at home. 

We will do our best to:

  • Provide distance learning that allows your child to access as much of the curriculum as possible.
  • Make alternative arrangements if your child cannot access distance learning.
  • Support your child’s well-being, such as by allowing them to talk with their friends and school staff regularly, when possible.
  • Provide free school meals to eligible pupils through packages delivered to the home.
  • Keep in touch about developments in school through notices, newsletters, text, email and the school website.

The following new guidelines cover our ideal expectations of what we would like your child to do while learning from a distance, and how we plan to support you and them. 

1.If a child is symptomatic and self- isolating whilst waiting for a test result

If a child is unwell, we will not automatically provide distance learning. If that child receives a positive test result for Coronavirus, their bubble will self-isolate. As with all forms of short-term illness, the class teacher will make sure that the homework is passed on to the child/parent on their return to school. At the parent’s request, the child can access the ‘blended home learning’ materials through the website or via Google Classroom if their bubble is closed.

2. If individual children are required to isolate for 10-14 days, the class teacher will provide a weekly learning overview with links to learning online through The Oak National Academy site. This is a government-endorsed provider that provides high-level lessons that support themselves distance learning and self-study.  These will be available from the Blended Learning page of the website.


  • The learning provided will blend with the learning at school, so that gaps are minimised.
  • At the end of each week, the class teacher will contact the parent/ child to check in.

3. If a class bubble has to go into isolation for 14 days, distance learning will be set by the class teacher on Google Classroom.


  • Where possible, children will see their teacher’s face and hear their voice at least once a day through a video recorded message using Google Classroom e.g. introducing the learning, demonstrating a method, modelled writing or reading something aloud. 
  • Where possible, a video recording of the teacher reading a book/ chapter of a book will be uploaded each day. 
  • Children should use Google Classroom to upload work to be assessed by the class teacher every day. This will be through the ‘comments’ tool on Google Classroom.
  • The teacher will contact parents if a child is not completing the work set to see how they can support.

Prior to the children using Google Classroom at home, they will have been shown how to navigate the site with their class teacher. All log ins will be in their school reading record for parents to use. Please click on the Google Classroom page for information on how to access your child’s online classroom.