Our Staff

We are very proud of our hardworking staff here at Palm Bay School. Here is a list of all the staff at the school:

Miss Donnelly, Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs N Page, Class Teacher

Mrs N Smith, Class Teacher

Mrs Epps, Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs Yeung, Administrator

Mrs Maiden-Tilsen, Teaching Assistant

Miss Bernier, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Booth, Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Duffy, Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs N. Elms, Lunch-Time Play Leader

Miss H. Pemble, Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs T. Barnett, Relief Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs L. Bull, Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs L. Bryers, Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs I. Sinclair, Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs G. Scarff, Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs E. Hills, Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs A. Marsh, Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs S. Buckland, Extended Day Assistant

Mr P. Hall, Road Crossing Patrol

Ms C. Murray, SENCO

Mrs K. Wright, Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs V. Solly, Progress Director

Mrs V. Millership, Class Teacher

Mrs S. Norwood, Class Teacher

Mrs N. Taylor, Class Teacher

Mrs M. Tong, Class Teacher

Mrs L. Cooper, Class Teacher

Mrs J. Middleton, Class Teacher

Mrs H. Hale, Class Teacher

Mrs D. Farbrace, Class Teacher

Mrs S. Bootes, Class Teacher

Miss L. Williams, Head Teacher

Miss K. Delderfield, Class Teacher

Miss K. Ashby, Class Teacher

Miss G. Fox, Class Teacher

Miss C. Harmer, Class Teacher

Mrs S. Brooks, Teaching Assistant

Mrs P. Smith, Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Sawyer, Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Baillie, Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Jenkins, Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Fitzgerald, Teaching Assistant

Mrs F. Burnap, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Sayer, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Proctor, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Kimpton, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Gallagher, Teaching Assistant

Miss Y. Stanley, Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Wilson, Teaching Assistant

Miss G. Lambeth, Teaching Assistant

Mr P. Kimpton, Site Manager

Mr D. Hadlow, Assistant Care-Taker

Miss V. Bowyer, Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss M. Papa Adams, Teaching Assistant and Extended Day Supervisor

Miss H. Coles, Midday Meals and Breakfast Club Supervisor

We are very happy to welcome the following staff from the beginning of the 2017 academic year. We are in the process of taking photos and will add them to the site as soon as possible.

  • Miss F. Begum
  • Miss C. Hornig
  • Miss R. Pritchard
  • Mrs J. Botha
  • Mrs A. Wise
  • Mrs R. Stephens
  • Miss S. Sirota
  • Miss P. Johnson
  • Miss C. Killick
  • Mrs C. Westbrook
  • Miss J. Downer
  • Mrs A Newbold - Receptionist
  • Mrs R Koyappalli- Office Manager