Internet Safety

E-Safety is fundamental in our quest to keep children safe – at home and school. It is vital that our children know how to make the most of the internet whilst keeping themselves safe. With technology moving at a past pace, we need to ensure that we are supporting our children to manage their time online.

One of the biggest concerns about being online is the use of social media. Impulsive children may comment on an inappropriate post without thinking, which can snowball and become very hurtful – an online situation can escalate quickly where a young person can feel very under threat, often from people they don’t know. Young children find it very difficult to grasp how public social media is. Please always refer to the age restrictions on these sites to help keep your children safe.

When talking to younger children about e-safety, you could read the stories of ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’ and ‘The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin’ with your child. They are an excellent platform for a discussion about understanding some of the difficulties that may occur when children have access to electronic devices and how they can avoid them.



Below are links to some great information on e-safety.