KS1 Gallery

2018 – 2019

Year 2
Topic: Scented Garden

Year 2 have been looking at all sorts of minibeasts for our ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ topic. The children have made prints, explored the hexagons that form a beehive in maths, and have built an enormous ‘ultimate mini-beast’, made from parts of other creatures. The children began the topic with a visit from ‘The Bug Roadshow’ and were able to hold and observe a range of mini-beasts. We also designed and made a range of different types of puppets!

Year 2
Topic: Street detectives

Patterns discovered on our walk.
Our scenic walk.
Testing materials in science.
Testing materials in science.

Year 1
Topic: Enchanted Woodland

In year 1 we spent a lot of time in our Forest School site. We went on a tree and leaf hunt, made tree boggarts, collected natural materials and listened to woodland stories.

Exploring the forest.
Cosy in the den.
Storytime at the fire circle.

Year 2
Topic: Beach Combers

Year 2 really enjoyed their beachcombers topic during Term 1. The topic was launched with a visit from Mr Hunter-Whitehouse, who told the children all about the special bottles and interesting objects that he had found on Margate beach – he had even found a shipwreck!
The children read ‘A house for hermit crab’ by Eric Carle and sequenced their own creatures sharing a shell. Then the classes visited the beach in the lovely sunshine and worked together to try to find as many different creatures and shells as possible, and sorted them in different ways. They studied the tide and the beach habitats.

Year 1
Topic: Bright Lights, Big City

This term we looked at our capital city of London. We acted as members of the Royal Family and took an interactive tour of Buckingham Palace. We planned questions to ask the Royal Family and celebrated the birth of Prince Louis and the wedding of Meghan and Harry. We learnt all about The Great Fire of London and role played the story. We compared London today to London in the 17th century. We created a sound scape of the River Thames by listening to recorded sounds. We used the story ‘Katie in London’ to explore landmarks and write information on them.

The fire ripping through the building.
Teamwork building London.
Sound Scape.
Role Play as Prince George.

Year 2
Topic: The Scented Garden

Year 2 created some wonderful display work as part of their topic ‘The Scented Garden’. The enjoyed growing various plants from seed and then recorded their findings in their seed diary. They used canvas to create some nature inspired art which is displayed around the school.

Our Curious Garden
Our informative ‘How to Grow a Seed’ booklets.
Bluebells made using sewing and fabric crayons.
A rose made using fabric crayons.


Year 1:
Topic: Paws, Claws and Whiskers

We created our own version of a new animal using features of animals we know, we wrote a class version of Dear Zoo, we wrote fact files of animals from around the world and we created tiger food cans for the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Our topic ended with a trip to the Rare Breeds Centre. It was a long journey but we had an amazing day and even went on a tractor ride around the farm!

Petting the animals.
Admiring the view on our tractor ride.

Year 1:
Topic: Dinosaurs

We had so much fun learning about dinosaurs. We investigated different dinosaur teeth, looking at their features and if they belonged to a carnivore or a herbivore. We acted like dinosaurs playing predator and prey. We became palaeontologists by digging in the sand with tools and brushes to find fossils. We labelled parts of a dinosaur and finally we learnt a dinosaur dance!

Fossil Hunting


We made our own fossils


We acted like dinosaurs


We acted like dinosaurs


Year 2
Topic: Street detectives

Our topic began with a walk around our local area. We made maps in different ways of our journeys from school to home and we also mapped the school. We learned about direction in maths and tried using a compass to find our way around! We also looked at grid references for a giant class map of our area, which we re-designed with fantastic, imaginary places – including a giant water slide into the sea!

Our Houses: We represented the in- and outside.
Our final display
Making 3D elements for our giant class map.
Collaborative map work.