KS1 Gallery

Year 1:
Topic: Dinosaurs

We had so much fun learning about dinosaurs. We investigated different dinosaur teeth, looking at their features and if they belonged to a carnivore or a herbivore. We acted like dinosaurs playing predator and prey. We became palaeontologists by digging in the sand with tools and brushes to find fossils. We labelled parts of a dinosaur and finally we learnt a dinosaur dance!

Fossil Hunting


We made our own fossils


We acted like dinosaurs


We acted like dinosaurs


Year 2
Topic: Street detectives

Our topic began with a walk around our local area. We made maps in different ways of our journeys from school to home and we also mapped the school. We learned about direction in maths and tried using a compass to find our way around! We also looked at grid references for a giant class map of our area, which we re-designed with fantastic, imaginary places – including a giant water slide into the sea!

Our Houses: We represented the in- and outside.
Our final display
Making 3D elements for our giant class map.
Collaborative map work.