LKS2 Gallery

2018 – 2019

Year 4
Topic: Misty Mountain Sierra

This term year 4 have been learning about mountains. We started the term with an experience from Prime VR workshop where we got to explore Mount Everest. We have also learned about the water cycle in science and carried our some investigations on evaporation. We looked at how mountains are formed and the structure of the earth. In literacy we have written mountain adventure stories based on The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman and have written some wonderful descriptive Haiku poems using our Mrs Wordsmith words.

Miss Connelly came in to talk to use about her old job as a ski instructor in the Rocky Mountains.
Looking at mountaineering equipment.
Investigating how mountains are formed.

Year 3
Topic: Volcanoes



Year 3
Topic: Predators

This term, Year 3 have been studying predators. We began the term with a visit from Toni from Joe’s Bows and some beautiful birds of prey. We then learnt about other aquatic, insect and plant predators and designed our own ultimate predators during our Innovate week.

Year 4
Topic: Blue Abyss

This term year 4 have been learning about the layers of the ocean and the marine life that can be found there. We visited Reculver and learned all about the inter-tidal zone habitats. We got the chance to do our own rock-pooling and beach comb for shark’s teeth! In science we learned about electricity and got the chance to use our skills to create our own working lighthouses during innovate.

Connecting the circuit.
Proud of her efforts!
Using tools.

2017 – 2018

Year 3
Topic: Tribal Tales

Year 3 have been exploring life from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We did a virtual tour of Stone Henge adn creating some interesting fact books about it. We had fun in our ‘caves’ creating realistic cave paintings using the correct colours. On our trip to the Museumof Kent Life we had workshops on hunters to farmers and weapons. We also managed a sneaky tractor ride!

Creating cave paintings.
Investigating Flowers.
Weapons Workshop
Looking at changes in farming.

Year 4
Topic: I am Warrior

Year Four had ‘Living Histories’ visit them to run a Roman day. The children began by looking at a timeline before dressing up and taking part in Roman games and activities, and learning about life in Roman times. The day ended with the children being spectators or gladiators in an amphitheatre, where they re-enacted a Gladiator battle. It was a fantastic day!

Great fun acting as Roman Soldiers

Year 3
Topic: Gods and Mortals

We had such an amazing time learning about our topic of Gods and Mortals. We had an Ancient Greek workshop where we got to dress up and learn about Ancient Greek beliefs and practises. We studied Ancient Greek Myths and even had a go at writing our own versions of the Trojan Horse. At the end of the topic we studied Pandora’s Box and thought about all the bad things of the world that we would like to lock inside our boxes.

Praising the Goddess Athena.
Olympic battle of thumb wars.


Year 4
Topic: Bottoms, Burps and Bile

Year 4 have been enjoying the topic Burps, Bottoms & Bile this term. They have really liked learning all about our teeth and the digestive system. We have done lots of Science, for example we investigated the amount of plaque on our teeth using disclosing tablets and then learnt about the the effect of sugar on our teeth using egg shells to demonstrate this. In Literacy, we re-enacted the process of the digestive system using the climbing frame and outdoor space and then wrote adventure stories of a journey down the digestive system. We also read, wrote and performed our own poems based on our topic. In our final week, we made a model of the digestive system using food, bowls and tights to physically show the process. It has been very exciting!

Investigating the amount of sugar in our favourite drinks.
Making the digestive system – showing the process of food going through the intestine.
Making the digestive system – showing the process of food in the stomach.
Re-enacting the digestive system – going down the oesophagus.

Year 3
Topic: Tremors

During this term we have been learning about the structure of the earth and how natural disasters occur. We looked at the continents and oceans and began to name some countries. We studied the eruption in Pompeii and explored what a Roman town might look like, comparing it to a town in Italy today. We loved our fiction book called ‘Vacation under the Volcano’ and did some amazing creative writing from this. For our innovate project we prepared for an evacuation and presented our ideas to the parents.

Using exciting vocabulary to create volcano poems
Our creative volcano people
Observing the rocks that we collected from the beach.
Investigating properties of rocks.

Year 4
Topic: 1066

This term year four have been learning about 1066. As well as looking at the events that led to William of Normandy taking power they have been learning about life as a Norman. In literacy we have done drama and writing activities based on the Battle of Hastings. To end our topic we have made some Motte and Bailey castles.

Making castles.
Dress up day.
Dress up day
Drama: acting out King Edward the Confessor’s last hours.