LKS2 Gallery

Year 3
Topic: Tremors

During this term we have been learning about the structure of the earth and how natural disasters occur. We looked at the continents and oceans and began to name some countries. We studied the eruption in Pompeii and explored what a Roman town might look like, comparing it to a town in Italy today. We loved our fiction book called ‘Vacation under the Volcano’ and did some amazing creative writing from this. For our innovate project we prepared for an evacuation and presented our ideas to the parents.

Using exciting vocabulary to create volcano poems
Our creative volcano people
Observing the rocks that we collected from the beach.
Investigating properties of rocks.

Year 4
Topic: 1066

This term year four have been learning about 1066. As well as looking at the events that led to William of Normandy taking power they have been learning about life as a Norman. In literacy we have done drama and writing activities based on the Battle of Hastings. To end our topic we have made some Motte and Bailey castles.

Making castles.
Dress up day.
Dress up day
Drama: acting out King Edward the Confessor’s last hours.