Maths overview

At Palm Bay we teach Maths following the principles of Maths Mastery, aiming to provide children with the tools of visualisation and fluency as well as conceptual and procedural confidence. Our planning is based on resources from Mathematics Mastery, White Rose and Power Maths textbooks. Children’s learning begins in EYFS, working on a strong number foundation and exploring maths in real life contexts alongside more formal teaching. In KS1 and KS2 pupils have a daily Maths lesson of 1 hour where concepts are explored more fully and where pupils record their learning through informal and formal written methods, pictures and diagrams.  We aim for our Maths lessons to be fun and engaging, where the learning in presented in real-life contexts as much as possible.  Children learn best in Maths when they use concrete objects and pictures to support their understanding of abstract ideas, so we encourage the use of a wide range of resources in Maths lessons, including Numicon, base ten, number beads and counters.  Pupils frequently work in pairs and groups to solve problems as we also know that talking about Maths helps children to develop their understanding.




Throughout the school, pupils enjoy a daily Maths Meeting of 10-15 minutes.  This is a short, fun and pacey mental-oral session, in which the children sing and answer questions to develop their mathematical fluency.  Maths Meetings cover a wide range of objectives including the calendar, time, weather, data handling, money, pattern and number.  The predictable nature of Maths Meetings and the regular repetition of songs and rhymes are an effective way to develop the children’s mathematical fluency and their recall of facts.


In addition to their regular Maths lessons, we also seek to promote cross-curricular opportunities for Maths learning wherever possible, for example in Science, D.T. and P.E.  Pupils also frequently learn Maths outdoors, enabling them to apply their mathematical skills to the real world.


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