Overview of Development Plan

At Palm Bay we are continuously striving to improve the quality of education for our pupils. Here is a summary of our School Development plan for the year.


Development Plan 2019-20

 Objective:Overall Lead:School Team:Link Governors:
1Continue to embed and consolidate good practice in the teaching of English and MathsMiss WilliamsMiss Fox (Maths Lead)
Miss Noble (Literacy Lead)
Mrs Stephens (RWI Lead)
Ruth Brown – Quality of Teaching Peter Troke - Maths
Gill Edwards - Literacy
2Improve standards in writing across the school, particularly for boysMr CottonMiss Noble (Literacy Lead)
Mrs Stephens (RWI Lead)
Mrs Vincer (spelling Lead)
Gill Edwards – Literacy
Lorraine Lewis - EYFS
3Continue our focus on the wellbeing and professional development of the whole communityMrs CooperStaff Wellbeing TeamRuth Brown – Staff Wellbeing & CPD Ellie Eales – Pupil behaviour & Wellbeing
Sam Pritchard – Health & Safety
4Ensure our most vulnerable children (PP, SEN, CP) attend and enjoy school, access the curriculum and make good progressMiss SilkMrs Wright (Inclusion Lead, DSL)
Miss Murray (SENDCo)
Eddie Fox - Safeguarding
Ellie Eales – Attendance
Colin Diaper - SEND
5Continue to develop our Wider Curriculum so that it is fun, relevant and broadens children’s experiencesMrs SollyMrs Tong (Curriculum Lead) Mrs Solly (Computing Lead) Mrs Page (Science Lead)Triston & Jen – Curriculum
Peter Troke – Computing
Josh Sims - PE
6Develop EYFS to ensure the best possible start for our children and so that Reception is a part of the whole schoolMrs WrightMrs Bootes (EYFS Lead)
Miss Murray (SENDCo)
Lorraine Lewis – EYFS Colin Diaper - SEND