Overview of Development Plan

At Palm Bay we are continuously striving to improve the quality of education for our pupils. Here is a summary of our School Development plan for the year.

PriorityObjectiveOverall LeadSchool TeamLink Governor
1Improve quality of teaching through CPD for subject knowledge, Coaching and Action Research

Lizzie Williams (HT)

D. Farbrace
L. Cooper
S. Norwood

Alisdair Chisholm

2Diminish the difference for Pupil Premium childrenKate Wright (DHT)C. Murray
V. Solly
Niki Lawal
3Increase attainment in writing, particularly at GDS, through a focus on oracy, vocabulary and spellingLizzie Williams (HT)N. Smith
R. Stephens
K. Ashby
L. Cooper
Gill Edwards
4Continue to strengthen and improve the Mastery approach to MathsLizzie Williams (HT)S. Bootes
G. Fox
K. Connolly
Tatton Spiller
5Develop resilience and wellbeing in our school communityNic Smith (AHT)T. Vincer
D. Farbrace
Eddie Fox
Sam Pritchard
6Improve the non-core curriculum ensuring it is broad, balanced and increases equality of opportunity for allNic Smith (AHT)V. Solly
N. Page
M. Tong
Peter Troke, Triston Wallace, Jen Scott,
Josh Sims
7Develop professional learning and practice at all levels through meaningful collaborationLizzie Williams (HT) SLTAlisdair Chisholm
8Strategically Plan for more rigorous and robust EYFS Curriculum to implement in September 2019Kate Wright (DHT)SLTFGB

School Development Plan 2018 – 2019