School Policies

Our policies ensure that we work and learn harmoniously. Below is a list of PDF documents that will explain the school policies:

Acceptable Use Policy – December 2017

Admissions Policy

In Year Casual Admission Form

Anti-Bullying Policy Sept 2018


British Values Policy

Charges & Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy 2018

Complaints Policy 2018

Data Protection Policy

Dyslexia Policy

E-Safety Policy 

Educational Visits and Off-Site Activites 

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality Scheme Policy

Exclusions Policy

Equality Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifted & Talented Policy

GDPR Policy June 2018

Health Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Homework Policy

Lettings Policy

Medical Care Policy

Online Safety Policy – November 2017

Playground Policy

Privacy notice for pupils

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Privacy notice for staff

SRE Policy 2018