School Uniform

Our school uniform shows our pride in our school and should therefore be clean and neat. The following PDF will explain the uniform policy in full:

School Uniform Policy Oct 18

We expect our students to wear the following:

1. White polo shirt.
2. School sweatshirt/cardigan bottle green with school logo.
3. Grey skirt/pinafore dress or black trousers
4. White or grey socks.
5. White, bottle green, grey or black tights.
6. Black shoes (not trainers).
7. School fleece – for outdoor use only



Summer option:

1. Grey or black school shorts (various styles are available).
2. Green and white gingham school dress.
3. Sandals (not open-toed) predominantly white.
4. School cap/Legionnaire’s cap with school logo

Physical Education option:

Indoor –

1. White T-shirt either plain or with the school logo
2. Bottle green shorts
3. Grey, black or white socks
4. Plimsoles


Outdoor –

1. This is the same as the indoor option but the children will need trainers.
2. Plain bottle green or black tracksuits or black leggings in colder weather.