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Year 5
Topic: Scream Machine

Pupil comments
In our ‘Scream Machine’ topic we made drop rides. We made them with mechanisms. It was REALLY fun. We had to bring in stuff to make it. The value ‘teamwork’ was used to actually make it because you had to work as a team. The main mechanism was the hardest part because what you had to do was loop the string around a wooden pole then tie the bottom of the string to the cart. It was awesome!

When our topic was Scream Machine, Kestrels class created some drop rides. A drop ride is a free fall drop mechanism. We made a carriage travel upwards with string then it drops! Most of us used cardboard, string and a stick like material. It was very fun! We took three days to finish off and fix our mistakes. At first, many children were confused at how the mechanisms worked but after using perseverance and teamwork, we achieved our goal.

Building a scream machine.
A finished prototype of a drop ride.
A Time travel machine.



Year 6
Topic: Child’s war

During term 3 we travelled back in time to WW2. We re-enacted how it would feel to be life as a child in war times, listened to stories from people who lived at that time and wrote our own narratives with flashbacks of war memories. As part of our topic learning, we also learnt how electrical circuits work and used this knowledge to send Morse code using buzzers and lights. At the end of term, each class organised a street party to celebrate the end of the war – even Winston Churchill made a guest appearance! Our parents were invited so we made spam, paste and jam sandwiches which were enjoyed by all.


WW2 parents enjoying sandwiches at the Victory party
Victory party
WW2 Evacuation time
Re-enactment day activities
Parents enjoying the sandwiches at the victory day party
Learning about circuits.
Collaborative learning in science.


Attention! Ready for duty…