Virtual Concert

As our Spring and Summer concerts have been cancelled this year, I would like to organise a Virtual Concert. If you would like to, please send me a video of yourself performing a song, playing your instrument, or doing a dance to

The following rules apply:

·         Please make sure that you present yourself well- you don’t have to wear school uniform, but you should look as smart as possible when performing!

·         No lyrics to be seen on screen please

·         If you are singing, remember that we want to hear YOU, and not the original artist, so make sure that you use a karaoke track if you need backing.

·         If you send a video, you (parent or carer) are giving consent for it to be used on the school YouTube channel, and it may be seen by anyone who has access to this.

·         If I receive too many videos, I will choose a selection for the concert.

·         Performances should not be more than 3 minutes long.

·         You have one week to submit your video!

Grand Finale:  ‘There’s a Power in the Music’- If you would like to, please send me a video or voice recording of yourself performing this song for our ‘Grand Finale’! Use this link to access the resources.

Finally, if you are having problems sending your video because of the file size, try using ‘Wetransfer’ which is a free file-sharing service.

I look forward to seeing your performances!