Values and Ethos

Vision and Values

Palm Bay is a coastal community Primary school located metres from the beautiful beaches of Palm Bay and Botany Bay.  Our geographical location is used as an extension of our school and we maximise opportunities for learning outside – whether doing maths in the playground, telling stories in our outdoor classroom or exploring the natural environment at our Beach and Forest Schools.

In October 2014, Ofsted rated Palm Bay as a ‘good’ school where “children are very well cared for”.  They recognised our “culture of mutual trust and respect (which) underpins the good atmosphere that exists around the school and in the playground”.

The staff and pupils at Palm Bay Primary are encouraged to have a growth mindset, constantly striving to learn and improve.  A continual focus on great teaching means our lessons are rigorous, creative and engaging and we pride ourselves on our curriculum.  Ofsted commented that “the subjects taught are broad and balanced and meet the requirements of the new curriculum.  Pupils’ needs and interests are met well. They develop a range of skills as well as those in literacy and numeracy.  Music, the arts and sports are given a high profile in the school”.

High expectations underpin everything we do and pupils are taught to be responsible, respectful citizens with the skills to lead successful lives beyond school.  Ofsted recognised that “relationships between teachers and pupils are very good and, as a result, pupils work hard and want to do well. They listen to their teachers and are interested in their work”.

‘Loving learning, making a difference, always aiming higher together’


  • Achievement
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity


In partnership with parents and the community, we aim to ensure all children:

  • receive an excellent and rich education;
  • achieve to the best of their ability and are proud of their own and others’ successes
  • feel valued as unique individuals, who respect others and celebrate diversity;
  • are happy, healthy, confident, independent and motivated learners;
  • have a strong foundation of values to make informed choices in local and global community;
  • develop a love of learning and are motivated by education.