Who to speak to

At Palm Bay we operate a completely open-door policy.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment to meet with the Head teacher or Deputy Head at any time, and can email both directly. 

Miss Williams – lizziewilliams@palmbay.org.uk

Mrs Wright – katewright@palmbay.org.uk

We also welcome the parents and carers of prospective pupils, who wish to come and meet us and have a tour of the school. 

However, in order to make sure that the right person can help you with your query, we hope the following information is useful in knowing who to speak to regarding specific issues.

  1. Query: Anything to do with your child’s day-to-day school experience e.g. reading books, homework, behaviour or friendship concerns, lost uniform, lessons, progress and attainment
    Staff Member: 
    Your child’s teacher
  2. Query: If your child’s class teacher is unable to answer your query, or if you have a recurrent  issue or worry, you can make an appointment to meet with the Phase Leader
    Staff Member: 
    Phase Leaders –
    EYFS – Mrs S. Norwood
    KS1 – Mrs L. Cooper
    LSK2 – Mrs N. Smith
    UKS2 –Mrs T. Vincer
  3. Query: A specific issue relating to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Staff Member: Miss Chloe Murray
  4. Query: Any safeguarding concerns relating to a pupil at Palm Bay. Any serious concern. Staff Member: Mrs Wright, Designated Safeguarding Lead. Mrs Solly, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. Miss L Williams, Head Teacher.
  5. Any concern that has not been resolved by the class teacher and/or Phase Leader. Staff Member: Miss Williams, Mrs Wright and Mrs Smith, Senior Leaders.
  6. Query: Serious complaints
    Staff Member: Mr Alisdair Chisholm, Chair of Governors
  7. Query: To join or offer support to the PTFA
    Staff Member: Gary Burgess, Chair of the PTFA
  8. Query: To report or request absence; admissions – to join the waiting list, Medication, School uniform, lost property
    Staff Member: Mrs Koyappalli, Office Manager and Mrs Newbold, Secretary
  9. Query: School lunch money
    Staff Member: Caterlink