Year 3 14th April to 25th April

Year 3 Home Learning Overview 2

Day 1 Resources


Gary’s Big Adventure

Maths Meeting Day 1

Place Value Assessment

Planning sheet, My Favourite Game

Day 2 Resources

Addition and Subtraction 1

Amazing Facts about the Human Body

Choose the Right Word

Instructions, My Favourite Game

suffix ‘ation’ handwriting practice

Day 3 Resources

Addition and Subtraction 2

An Egg-cellent Competition


Letter writing – My Favourite Game

Maths Meeting Day 3

Year-3-and-4-words (orange)

Day 4 Resources

Board Game Template 2

Board Game Template

Dictation 2

One Tiny Mistake

Shape Poem

Day 5 Resources

Choose the Right Word 2

Describe a Setting

Layers of the Rainforest

Maths Meeting Day 5

Day 6 Resources

Emma’s Puppy Problem

Handwriting ‘k’ sound spelt with ‘ch’

Penguin Questions

Spag Mat 1

Day 7 Resources

Choose the Right Word 3

Garden of Life Perfect Picture

Handwriting ‘k’ sound spelt with ‘ch’

Maths Meeting Day 7

Multiplication and Division 1

SPaG Mat 2 Two for One

Day 8 Resources

Garden of Life Sick Sentences

Great Galapagos

Handwriting ‘k’ sound spelt with ‘ch’

Multiplication and Division 2


SPaG Mat 3

Day 9 Resources

Garden of Life Sentence Challenge

Incredible Invertebrates

Maths mat 1

Maths Meeting Day 9

SPaG Mat 4

Word Search

Day 10 Resources

Crack the Code

Garden of Life Story Starter

Maths mat 2

SPaG Mat 5

The Ultimate Jungle Survival Guide

General Resources

Maths Meeting Answers

Maths Answers

Reading Comprehension Answers

Year 3 Music Activities