Year 3 27th April to 8th May

Year 3 Home Learning Overview

Day 1

Jackal and the Lion day one

sh sound spelt as ch

Story Map

Time Conjunctions

Day 2

Dots and Dashes

Jackal and the Lion day two


Day 3

Jackal and the Lion day three


Synonym wordsearch

White Rose Unit and Non Unit Fractions

Word Changers

Day 4

Choose the Right Word

Friends Forever day one

Senses paragraphs

White Rose lesson two Making the Whole

Day 5

Colour and Label Fractions

Friends Forever day two

Special Focus 3

Day 6


Friends Forever day three

Story writing 1

White Rose Lesson Three, tenths

Day 7

Choose the Right Word 2

Story writing 2

The Boastful Turtle day one

White Rose Lesson Four count in tenths

Day 8

Story writing 3

The Boastful Turtle day two

Word Search

Day 9

Roll-a-Word Spelling Game Activity Sheet

Spag mat 1

The Boastful Turtle day 3

Day 10

Fractions Matching Game

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Spag mat 2



Spelling word bank unit 8

White Rose Counting in Tenths answers

White Rose Making the Whole answers

White Rose Tenths answers

White Rose Unit and Non Unit Fractions answers

Word Mats