Year 6 14th April to 25th April

Year 6 Home Learning Overview_Phase 2

Day 1 Resources

My mini maths days 1 – 4

Using Ratio Language Answers

Using Ratio Language Task

Day 1. Letter to Year 6

Year 6 grammar appendix

Day 2 Resources

Ratio and Fractions Answers

Ratio and Fractions Task

Day 3 Resources

Introducing the Ratio Symbol Answers

Introducing the Ratio Symbol Task

Day 4 Resources

Calculating Ratio Answers

Calculating Ratio Task

Day 4. illustrations ideas for letters

Day 5 Resources

My mini maths days 5 – 8

Using Scale Factors Answers

Using Scale Factors Task

Day 6 Resources

Calculating Scale Factor Answers

Calculating Scale Factor Task

Day 7 Resources

Ratio and Proportion Problems Answers

Ratio and Proportion Problems Task

Day 8 Resources

Day 8 Ratio Mocktails

Day 9 Resources

Day 9 Ratio Recipes

Day 10 Resources


General Resources

12 Day Drawing Ideas

Year 6 Music Activities