Year 6 3rd July to 17th July

Year 6 Home Learning Overview

Day 1

Day 1_ Multiplying fractions by whole numbers_Task

Harry Potter Reading Comprehension


Day 2

Day 2_Multiplying fractions by fractions_Task

What do we do with a variation by James Berry

Wonder Extract 1 Chapter 1

Day 3

Day 3_Divide Fractions by whole numbers_Task

Day 4

Day 4_Fractions of an amount_Task

Day 5

Friday Challenge Answers

Friday Challenge Task

Day 6

Day 6_ Fractions to percentages_Task

Wonder Extract 2 Chapter 2

Day 7

Day 7_Equivalent FDP_Answers

Day 7_Equivalent FDP_Task

Prologue by Steven Camden

Day 8

Day 8_Ordering FDP_Answers

Day 8_Ordering FDP_Task

Day 9

Day 9_Percentage of an amount_Answers

Day 9_Percentage of an amount_Task

Day 10

No resources required


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