Year 6 3rd June to 17th June

Home learning overview:

Home Learning Overview Year 6

General resources:

Local Study Topic_Activity list and introduction

Local Study_Starter Activity

Week 1 additional SPAG

Week 2 Additional SPAG

Year 6 grammar appendix


Day 1:

Day 1. Reading extract from ‘POG’

Day 1_Read and Interpret Line Graphs_Task

Day 1_Read and Interpret Line Graphs_Answers

Day 1-5_Quick Questions

Day 2:

Day 2_Draw Line Graphs_Task

Day 2_Draw Line Graphs_Answers

Day 3:

Day 3_Plotting Line Graphs_Task

Day 3_Plotting Line Graphs_Answers

Day 4:

Day 4_Use Line Graphs_Task

Day 4_Use Line Graphs_Answers

Day 5:

No additional resources needed.

Day 6:

Day 6_Circles_Task

Day 6_Circles_Anwers

Day 6 Reading Extract from POG part 2

Day 7:

No additional resources needed.

Day 8:

Interpreting pie charts lesson and task is on MyMaths.

Day 9:

Day 9_The Mean_Task

Day 9_The Mean_Answers

Day 9 SPAG mystery to solve!

Day 9 SPAG mystery answers

Day 10:

Day 10 another SPAG mystery!

Day 10 another SPAG mystery answers